Conte: “M5s in the government? We stay as long as we can protect the citizens ”. And to Di Maio: “Do not allow yourself to undermine our honor, I remind you of the yellow vests”

The M5s will remain in government, but not under any conditions. Giuseppe Conte24 hours after the press conference of the split of Luigi Di Maiohe first gave two interviews on tv (on La7 to “Eight and a half” and on Network 4 to “Controcorrente) and then met with the parliamentary groups of the Chamber and Senate. Three speeches that all follow the same line: the 5 stars, even if with reduced numbers, will assert their positions. And if not, they will be ready to go to the opposition. The M5s president said it clearly, interviewed by Lilli Gruber:We in the government are there and we will be there as long as we are able to protect the interests of citizens and continue our battles “. And shortly after, in front of the elected M5s, he added: “Now that there are new numbers that support Draghi”, the Movement “will have more peace of mind to carry on the battles without feeling the weight of the blackmail to eventually bring down the western hemisphere “. A provocation, but one that makes it clear how the M5s president intends to move from now on. “Are we no longer the first force in Parliament? They delude themselves if they think we will have less strength in our battles“. And again: “This government was born thanks to us, perhaps someone is forgetting it. Continue with us and will continue with our support until and within the limit we can continue our battles “. As for the seats and roles within the executive, Conte told La7 again, it will not be he who will ask Di Maio to step back from the Farnesina: “I would leave Di Maio ask yourself with your own conscience and decide, I will not ask for your resignation ”.

“Di Maio followed his own agenda since the passage of the Quirinale” – The first point addressed in the interview with “Half past eight” it was precisely Di Maio’s “political project”. “I’ve read the agencies of the speech,” he said, “I don’t understand what it is.” And again: “The goal, according to him, is to defend Euro-Atlanticism, which, however, does not seem to me that no one is attacking it. And then support the Draghi government, but even here we are doing it in many ”. As for how we got to this point, Conte specified: “I have no elements to say that the birth of the group was favored or even encouraged by others along this path. Dragons? We must ask them “. Luigi Di Maio “He will explain this operation better, perhaps when he seeks his own electoral consent, yesterday I do not think he was understood”. According to the M5s president, his former colleague had been preparing the break for a long time: “It is clear that the initiative to create a new political group it is not an idea that can be born in just one day. We did not know that there was this concreteness, but it was clear that Di Maio had followed his agenda since the significant passage of the Quirinale ”.

“You must not allow the honor of M5s to be undermined” – With regard to the accusations of the Foreign Minister on the alleged ambiguity in foreign policy of the Movement, Conte, on La7, defended himself: “Di Maio spoke of alignment with NATO, but I give him a suggestion: let’s talk about location, because otherwise it means that others dictate the line and we align. But I think we should give our contribution to outline it… ”, he said. And then, addressing the minister himself, he added: “Luigi Di Maio must not allow himself to undermine the honor of the 5-star Movement, he first should be aware of the work and effort it takes to keep the bar straight. I don’t want to talk about the past, but if we talk about Count 1 and Count 2, we must also remember about the yellow vests“. The reference is precisely to when Di Maio decided to meet an exponent of the yellow vests, risking to provoke a diplomatic incident with France.

“I’ll go find Draghi. Cricket? He is on the side of the Movement “ – As for the numerical downsizing of the Movement, inevitable after the split, Conte said he was not worried: “If we talk about the strength of the Movement”, he said, interviewed again by Lilli Gruber, “I think that we cannot resolve it only in the number of parliamentarians. How did the Democratic Party not lose it when Renzi left. We were penalized by the Naples sentence and perhaps we should have worked out the project in a shorter time ”. Specifically, the former premier said that he will speak with Draghi: “We haven’t heard from each other for a while, I will certainly hear from him this week, we will discuss the situation and understand how to proceed but absolutely I will not question our support. to the government. I will go and see him and talk to him ”. Among those who will hear, there is also the founder of the Movement: “We confronted each other, we are humanly sorry but Grillo is on the side of the Movement and of the people who roll up their sleeves for his principles every day “. Finally, Conte did not hide the perplexities for Di Maio’s choice to create yet another center party. And when asked by Lilli Gruber if the M5s could consider allying itself with the new formation, he replied: “Let us define this group and their action”, he continued, “before saying if we could ally with them. It seems to me that ambitions are used more than to express a new project. It seems to me that it is mainly aimed at occupying a space, but there is a crowd crazy in the center, so politics risks being determined by personalities… I wish Di Maio good luck anyway ”.

“I saw him uncomfortable when I took over the leadership. The criticisms? They hurt him more “ – Shortly after Conte also participated in “Controcorrente” on Rete4 and spoke of the difficult relations with the Foreign Minister: “From a human point of view we had a good collaboration during the presidency, perhaps, let’s say, certainly I saw him more uncomfortable when I took over the leadership of the Movement, probably because he has always been a leader, he felt he was a leader, perhaps “. “I believe that the criticisms” made by Luigi Di Maio “hurt him more than the M5s, let me explain”. On the principles “of the M5s and the values ​​we have written a shared charter of principles and values, if today he denies them he denies his personal history. Look, one can admit a mistake, but to say that he has embraced a principle and that principle today becomes negotiable is bad for him, not for the M5s ”.

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