Conte and the wide field: “The M5s is a progressive force, it is up to the Democratic Party to make its choices”. On Draghi he says: “Even Grillo is bewildered”

After the government experience, in the “field wide“The pieces are collected: thePd-M5s alliance it reduced to rubble in a few days, those that led to the end of Draghi government. And now the desire to quickly dismiss this hypothesis emerges. “We are one progressive force“, He says Giuseppe Conteguest of White zoneon Network 4quoting “the justice socialthe ecological transition And digital“. And he adds: “Who wants to work on these measurescan find himself a to share with us, oa confront with us. Then she will be up to the Pd do yours choices“. One way to say that the Cinquestelle remain faithful to their themes, if anything, it is the Democratic Party that wants change course. The leader of the M5s speaks for the first time since the return at urns was officialized by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. It confirms its willingness to stand in the elections “how leader of the Movement “. And on the possible composition of a coalition, he throws the ball back into the field of Enrico Letta, that instead a On Summer Waveon La7uses words that appear definitive: “I think that with i three parties who made Draghi fall is impossible Do alliances electoral in this round “.

The implosion of the Draghi government it hasn’t just torn it to shreds coalition of national unitybut has left much of its aftermath in the alliance between the already yellow and red. There is the electoral law, the Rosatellumwhich somehow pushes for alliances, at least electoral. But Letta reiterated that “yesterday’s gesture and what happened in these days is substance, it is not a simple fact of form”. And again: “The responsibilities of the parties that did not vote for trust yesterday belong to everyone, do not come to me liability rankings“. Instead Conte during his speech a White zone lines i facts which led his party to the decision on Wednesday. And he says: “Let’s not confuse the attitudes of the M5s, linear And coherentcompared to those of all other protagonists of the story “.

“We don’t do tactics making fun, or building games ”, claims the leader of the Cinquestelle. Which then explains: “We have linearly presented ourselves in Parliament asking Prime Minister Draghi to define an agenda saying the measures to be taken, to clarify it publicly, in comparison with other political forces. It wasn’t one question personal. Then President Draghi was contemptuous with us, really very aggressive, incomprehensibly and unfairly “. “In addition – adds Conte – the other political forces intervened, League And FI in particular, they asked for two things: we only go forward if the M5s comes kicked out by the majority; we want the reshufflewhich means new armchairs “.

Conte therefore reiterates what he had already underlined after the executive’s epilogue in the Senate: “We have now an undeserved humiliation in front of the town, we were surprised, bewildered ”. And he wants to highlight a concept: “Until the last moment we thought we could renew trust to this government so that it could proceed expeditiously to resolve emergencies “. The leader of the M5s, to question on Beppe Cricketassures that “he too is bewildered and dismay of the attacks suffered “. Then Conte recalls the results obtained by the M5s in government: “For months we have been talking about extending extra profitswe pushed the premier to one budget varianceto intervene more vigorously in Europfor a price capfor a common strategy, a Energy Recovery Fund“. And he also claims what the Prime Minister did: “We have already managed an emergencywe know what it means, the responsibilitythe tensions, the complexity. But we have also shown that we know how to operate and obtain measures important“.

Hence, it is Conte’s reasoning, with Mario Draghi “there is not no personalism. When I got out of Palazzo Chigi with the smileI left him 15-20 reports on the most important dossiers, I wanted to put him in a position to be able to operate in the interest of the country the next day, and it never happened in the passage from one president to another“. To those who ask him if there is any problem with the premier, Conte replies: “It should be asked to the guest who is missing Right now. As far as I’m concerned, it has never been a personal matter – she reiterates – it shows that the M5s was the force that the more he worked in Parliament, he never has attached for free opponents or majority comrades “.

“We never did controversy unnecessarybut we have been continuously attacked – however, wants to highlight Conte – and yesterday the Italians who followed the live broadcast from Senate they saw a concentric attack towards the Movement “. Then the leader of the pentastellati asks: “What scares of the M5s, because we are considered uncomfortable, what scares? The fact that we have cut the number of parliamentarians? We have introduced a system of protection for those who have no voice, that everyone neglect? That we are versus the privileges and in favor of those who do not have guarantees? “. In closing also a reflection on who in recent weeks has left the M5s, following Luigi Di Maio: “Ours is one communitysome people weren’t more convinced of the values and gods principles we have. They went away, it was a element of clarity which helped to strengthen the community spirit. Those remained convinced they will help me to transform Italy ”, explains Conte.

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