Consultation committee: several nightclubs are considering contesting the new restrictions at the Council of State

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“Some will turn to the Council of State”, indicates this collective.

Codeco has announced the obligation, in addition to possession of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST), to wear a mask in events, catering and the nightlife. If some establishments do not want to force their customers to dance with a mask, they may require an on-site self-test in addition to the CST.

“This approach is absurd and far from any reality”, deplore forty clubs in unison. “In this way and with these restrictions, a disco cannot operate. In addition, visitors will flee so that the government in fact organizes a boycott which forces us to close in practice, without however imposing a closure ”.

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The discotheques do not therefore exclude that certain clubs do not submit “to this absurd approach of stigmatization”. In addition, some establishments intend to bring the measure before the Council of State, according to this press release. “The clubs will contest this roundabout, unscientific and non-functional approach, which will not in itself lower the figures for the coronavirus”, continues the sector.

The signatories still point out that the government must financially save the sector overnight.

The declaration brings together around forty establishments including AM Club, Act 6, Amigo, Ampere, Bar a Bar, Bloody Louis, C12, Carré, Charlatan, Club Vaag, Club Wit, Contrast Club, Doktor Jack, Fuse, Exo, Grand Café Capital, Hangar, Ikon, Jalousy, Kitsch Club, Kompass Klub, La Cabane, La Rocca, Labyrinth Club, Lima, Lindbergh Club, Madame Mustache, Magiq Spiegeltent, Meatpack, Millie Vanillie, Mirano, Nostalgia Club, Plein Publiek, Radar, Red & Blue, Sotto’s, Spirito, The Villa, Versuz and the VK.

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