Consultation committee: here are all the new measures that will impact your life

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The Concertation Committee has taken a whole series of new measures to try to stem the spread of the virus. These will come into force from this Saturday for a period of three weeks.

In recent days, we have indeed felt that the pressure is mounting, with many voices being raised, on the side of the experts in particular, for a hardening of the measures. “The contaminations curve is increasing sharply than expected,” pointed out the interfederal spokesperson for the fight against the coronavirus, Yves Van Laethem.

“Winter is upon us, we are spending more time indoors and we are contaminated more quickly,” Prime Minister Alexander De Croo began at the press conference of the Concertation Committee. “The pressure on hospitals continues to increase. It is a situation in health care, in society, which is not sustainable. Our health care system is starting to function less and less well. We must intervene. “

Here are the announcements of the Concertation Committee:

1. Acceleration of vaccination

➜ Vaccines are still a powerful weapon, reminded the Prime Minister. “Thanks to the vaccines we have been able to avoid a large number of hospitalizations. “1.250 million Belgians have already received the 3rd dose.

➜ A meeting of health ministers is scheduled for this Saturday to speed up the effort. The Concertation Committee asks that the operational plan be implemented as soon as possible and that as many people as possible be vaccinated before Christmas. These people will be able to register in a flexible way, for example through the QVAX application.

2. Reduced pressure on healthcare

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3. New measures to contain the spread of the virus

> Wearing a mask, limiting contacts, ventilation

> Cafés and restaurants close at 11 p.m., maximum 6 people per table

➜ Only seats at the table are authorized.

➜ This also applies to Christmas markets.

➜ Night shops will also close at 11 p.m.

> Closure of nightclubs for three weeks

➜ It is a negative message, acknowledged the Prime Minister.

➜ Frank Vandenbroucke had this Thursday indicated that the most risky activities should be limited, or even suspended.

➜ Aid will be granted to the sector, already heavily impacted by the crisis.

> Private meetings prohibited inside

➜ We are talking about indoor gatherings that are not organized by professionals.

➜ This does not cover weddings or funerals (CST from 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors), nor reunions with family or friends that you have at your home.

> Indoor event prohibited unless you are seated

➜ These measures will come into force not this Saturday but this Monday.

> Outdoor events always allowed

➜ The rules of social distancing and a distance of 1.5 meters between each group must be respected.

> No audience in indoor sport

➜ The Concertation Committee decided to ban the public for indoor sport.

➜ An exception, however, for parents of athletes of players under 18, as well as for the media.

> Wearing a mask compulsory at trade fairs

> Additional measures to come in education

➜ The Consultative Committee instructed the Ministers of Education to come back, by Monday, with new measures, in particular with regard to the wearing of masks for children under 12, the mixing of groups (in the canteen for example) as well as with regard to ventilation, extracurricular activities and testing & tracing.

> Youth activities

➜ Here too, the Youth Ministers are invited to formulate additional proposals for this Monday on the restrictions and security measures to be observed during youth activities in indoor spaces.

> Telework extended until December 19 instead of December 12

A new consultation committee is set for December 15 to assess the measures.

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