Constantine of Greece (†): No state funeral for the last king of the Hellenes

Constantine of Greece (†)
No state funeral for the last king of the Hellenes

Anne-Marie and Constantine of Greece (†)

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Constantine of Greece is buried privately. The government decided that. The decision should not please the family of the former king.

The decision has been made: Just one day after the death of Constantine of Greece, †82, it was announced that the former king would not get a state funeral.

Constantine of Greece is buried privately

On Tuesday, January 10, 2023, the last king of the Hellenes died in an Athens hospital surrounded by his family as a result of a severe stroke. According to a report by “CNN Greece”, an interministerial meeting took place the following morning at Villa Maximos, the official residence of the Greek Prime Minister, at which the details of the ceremony and burial of the former king were discussed.

Quick decision by the government

Accordingly, a decision was quickly made: the former king of Greece will not get a state funeral. The Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, 54, announced this and expressed his condolences to the family. According to the newspaper “Ieidiseis”, one of the government’s arguments could be that Constantine no longer had Greek citizenship, just a Danish passport. His Greek citizenship was revoked in 1994 by the then socialist government.

Family wished for a popular pilgrimage

The decision about the burial should not have pleased Constantine’s family: according to “Ieidiseis”, it was their wish that the funeral take place with the honors of a head of state, since Constantine was once the head of the Greek state as a monarch. The ceremony should therefore also include a popular pilgrimage, which should be carried out at public expense. The family also reportedly contacted a major law firm in central Athens to resolve the outstanding legal issues surrounding Constantine’s funeral ceremony.

Burial details

Now, however, the last king of the Hellenes is buried as a private person. According to “CNN Greece”, the church in which the funeral service is to take place will be determined in consultation between the government and Konstantin’s family. However, it is expected that the Mass will be held in the Cathedral of the Annunciation, called Metropolis, in the center of Athens. There, both King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie, 76, in 1964, as well as the couple’s youngest son and daughter-in-law, Prince Philippos, 36, and Nina Flohr, 35, had given the yes word. “The family’s wish is for it to take place in Athens Cathedral,” a spokeswoman for the former royal family told the German Press Agency on Wednesday, January 11.

The ex-king will then be buried at Tatoi, the former summer residence of the Greek royal family. Constantine’s mother Frederika of Greece was also buried here in 1981.

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