Conrado and Aleksandro accident driver reacts to recklessness accusations

Driver Valdoir Euripedes spoke for the first time about the accident involving the country duo Conrado and Alksandro. At the time, six people died, including Aleksandro.

In an interview with Record’s “Domingo Espetacular”, Valdoir defended himself against accusations of recklessness behind the wheel. “I know it’s not my fault. It’s not my fault because the tire blew up and I lost my steering”, emphasized the driver.

In a medical report sent by Conrado’s team, the singer, who was in serious condition after the accident, remains “lucid, breathing spontaneously, comfortable and in a stable condition”.

In the interview, Valdoir regretted what had happened and said he was very saddened by the fatality.

Simaria advises artists after tragedy

After the accident, Simaria revealed the main precaution she takes before traveling for work.

“Every time Simone and I get on the bus, we say to the driver: ‘Don’t run’. If you’re late, let it be late. Don’t run. Let’s go slowly, let’s go in peace, with conscience and may this serve all people who have a band, who, sometimes, are running to get somewhere”, said the older sister during a press conference.

‘Power Couple’ contestant predicted singer’s death

MC Gui’s father, Rogério revealed that he dreamed of an accident that caused the death of a singer. On the web, internet users were impressed by the nightmare, which happened shortly after the death of Aleksandro, Conrado’s partner.

“A plane crashed. A plane like Marília Mendonça. And a singer died,” he said.

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