‘Conquest’: Series with Bruna Marquezine and Keanu Reeves premieres in 2022 on Netflix; See photos!

After terminating your contract with Globe last year, Bruna Marquezine signed a contract with Netflix and has already been confirmed in two productions of the catalog.

In addition to the recently announced Brazilian series ‘Maldives‘, with her friend Manu Gavassi, she will also be in an American science fiction series.

The actress is part of the cast of ‘Conquest’, series starring Keanu Reeves.

So far, no further details have been revealed, so it is unclear how Marquezine will be presented in the plot, but everything indicates that it is an important role.

Scheduled for 2022, ‘Conquest‘ is a science fiction set in a dystopian future, in which São Paulo serves as a shelter for refugees.

In 2019, the actress was in Montevideo, Uruguay, participating in the recordings of the series, which also had scenes shot in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Budapest and Berlin.

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The direction is in charge of Carl Erick Rinsch (‘47 Ronins‘), and the Brazilian Gabriela Roses Bentanco is one of the producers together with the O2, production agency of Fernando Meirelles (‘Two Popes’).

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