Conner Rousseau (Vooruit) attacks the unions: “It is not the government which is responsible for inflation, but this madman in Russia”

Conner Rousseau, president of Vooruit, was particularly tough on the unions in an interview given to our colleagues from the newspaper De Zondag. If he totally agrees with the citizens who complain because of their higher bills than ever, he believes that the unions “send the wrong signal”: “It is not the government that is responsible for inflation , but this madman in Russia, ”he explains, referring to Vladimir Putin.

“Unions create this environment where the government is responsible for rising bills. It is not honest”.

According to Conner Rousseau, the extremist parties in Belgium are also those which make “the most noise about the management of the country, but which are Putin’s best friends”: “The PTB refuses to condemn Russia and the Vlaams Belang would even willing to supply arms to Russia. So they’d better shut up.”

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