Congratulations on the anniversary, Queen Margrethe: Royal houses all over the world should look to Copenhagen

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Royal houses all over the world should turn their attention to Copenhagen. The recipe for the monarchy’s success can be found right here in little Denmark. The royal house does not divide us – it gathers us.

There is one particular reason for this. Queen Margrethe. It is she we are celebrating these days, where it is 50 years since she became Denmark’s head of state and regent.

Her popularity has grown over time. When she took over the throne, half of the Danes wanted to abolish the monarchy. Half a century later, the monarchy is booming. And that’s the Queen’s merit.

It is in itself an achievement at a time when Europe’s monarchies are under pressure. In the UK, support among young people is declining, not least because of the many scandals. Both Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s exit as well as Prince Andrew’s sex scandals have sent the British royal family on a disaster course.

At home in the duck pond, peace and quiet breathe, and there have been very few slings in the waltz over the years. Prince Henrik’s dissatisfaction with his role in the Royal House and Prince Joachim and Countess Alexandra’s divorce are probably the biggest surprises we’ve had. But the Queen has always handled matters with a stoic calm, which has ensured the Danish royal house extreme stability.

The recipe for success is simple but difficult.

The Queen has chosen to concentrate on topics such as arts and crafts, and this has ensured that she has pretty much always seemed like an apolitical figure that everyone liked. It is strictly necessary for a monarch in a modern democratic society. It is also a bit inhuman – because of course there are no people without attitudes. But the Queen’s shape has meant that Republicans in Denmark constitute a very small minority.

Now the Queen is facing a new milestone. When she turned 80 in 2020, she said she did not think ‘there were ten years ahead of her’. It’s very possible, but two years have passed since then, and the Queen’s health fails nothing. In DR’s new program ‘The Danes interview the Queen’, she also says that the job as head of state has helped her through the grief after Prince Henrik’s death.

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The queen wanders around and she enjoys every second of it. It gives us a clue as to what the future will be like. We are not going to see a withdrawn queen settling her work more and more. Apparently she will get help from the Crown Princess and the Crown Princess, but the Queen will still function as our able regent until the day she is no longer here.

BT wishes Her Majesty the Queen a big congratulations on her first 50 years on the throne!

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