Concrete plans: Do Julian Claßen and Tanja want to emigrate?

Tanja Makarić (25) addresses an interesting topic! Youtuber Julian Claßen (29) and the ex-swimmer have been a couple for a few months. The two seem inseparable and seem to spend every free minute together. She also got to know the children of the father of two long ago. But do the lovebirds now want to build a life together abroad? Tanya now even talks about emigrating!

In your Instagram-Story, she once again showed what her everyday life looks like: washing clothes and co. – she came up with a very special topic. So slowly have to Tanya and Julian apparently preparing for a big project: “We’re moving.” But that’s not all. “If we were to move to Spain – we would definitely learn Spanish, such a hammer language,” she explained. Apparently it is already clear that they want to move to another love nest. Did the network acquaintances also decide to emigrate?

It was only at the beginning of November that the 25-year-old explained that fans would often stand in front of their partner’s house and take pictures of them. Tanya I even get panic attacks because of it. “It’s so incredibly sick for me. […] I just find it incredibly disturbing”, she told her followers. So do the two feel so uncomfortable that they even want to leave the country?

Instagram / tanjamakaric_

Tanja Makarić, friend of Julian Claßen

Timm, Michael / ActionPress

Tanja Makarić and Julian Classen in September 2022 in Berlin

Action Press / Timm, Michael

Tanja Makarić at KinderTag in Berlin in September 2022

Do you think Tanja and Julian are really moving to Spain?

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