Concerts: Beware! Don’t be scammed when buying tickets

Ana Canto

After two years of having been paralyzed in the world of entertainment and concert stages emptyin Panama and the region this 2022 the songs of the artists who perform musical tours again after the confinement and restrictions due to the pandemic have been enjoyed live.

However, between the excitement and euphoria of seeing their favorite singer, many fall into the terrible situation of a scam. How can this happen? It can be avoided?

How does it happen?

Among the responses to the above question, those interested in attending the concerts should avoid falling into cyber traps that some people with intention to sell tickets, show tempting offers willing to accept their conditions. Here enter the emotion and lack of good sense that sometimes we lose in order to participate in the activity.

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By mentioning the word cybernetics we associate it directly with this new type of scam, where users use social networks to offer tickets to fans who were unable to acquire them at the beginning of the authorized sale, and now they are seeking to obtain them by other means, in some cases, at exorbitant prices.

In Panama in the next few days, we will have two of the most anticipated concerts and that will surely be a success, we are talking about daddy yankee and his tour The last turn and of Bad Bunny in the World’s Hottest Tour.

Before the presentations of these super artists, people have denounced in accounts of instagram, TikTok Y Twitterwho have been scammed after having obtained tickets from presumed sellers who contact them.


After making the payment, the “seller” disappears and does not respond to contact attempts by the scammed person.

To this, Magic Dreams Productionshas mentioned that it is not responsible for the resale of unauthorized tickets, and encourages the population to remain alert to possible scams.

Tips to avoid falling into the trap

Investigate thoroughly before accepting the purchase and transferring the paymentbut above all believe in your intuition! We can all recognize when something is wrong. Even if you are very happy and excited, try to consult with other people what you have in mind.

Look for secure sites dedicated to the sale of authorized tickets. Surely you will be able to maintain a constant conversation and they will clarify any doubts you have on issues related to ticket costs, schedules, among others.

The best recommendation in these cases is to avoid buying resold tickets.and wait for the possibility of official channels announcing a new ticket sale date.

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