Concertation committee: closing of nightclubs, Horeca limited to midnight, testing, mask, 3rd dose… Here are the measures on the Kern table!

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Here are, according to our information, the elements that will be discussed:

➜ Acceleration of the administration of the 3rd dose to the entire population;

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➜ Closure of high-risk places, such as nightclubs. A closing time for the Horeca would also be on the table (midnight);

➜ Cancellation of events and gatherings in indoor places where people are standing (concerts, exhibitions or fairs, etc.);

➜ For gatherings outside where you are standing, such as Christmas Markets, the CST would still be compulsory but the closing time would be fixed, as for the Horeca, at midnight;

➜ Change in testing, in particular to relieve the screening centers: we should no longer do two tests, but only one after 5 days;

➜ Regarding the Covid Safe Ticket: when it is tested but the results are not yet known, the CST would be suspended;

➜ A new recommendation would be launched to federated entities (especially the Wallonia-Brussels Federation) to oblige the wearing of masks from 10 years old at school.

Note that this remains a basis for discussion which will have to be validated, or not, during the Kern meeting this evening and then during the Consultation Committee this Friday morning.

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