Concern for wife and mother: Princely family plants tree for Charlène

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Worry about wife and mother
Princely family plants tree for Charlène

Charlène returns to Monaco at the beginning of November. There is great hope that the princess will be better after an ENT infection. Instead, her condition worsens and she has to go to the clinic again. Now her family is commemorating her with a special event.

On November 8th, Charlène finally returned to Monaco from South Africa, but worries about Prince Albert’s wife persist. She is currently in a private clinic to get back on her feet. Now her husband and their two children have planted a tree in her honor.

With the help of their father, the twins Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, both six years old, chose a jacaranda tree with purple flowers from South Africa, the birthplace of Charlène. Her mother herself did not take part in the campaign, which took place on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Soroptimist International organization. She is currently in a clinic because of “mental and physical exhaustion”. “She was overwhelmed with her official duties, with life (…). She realized that she needed help,” said Prince Albert in an interview with People magazine.

In private clinic in the albums?

As the “Bild” newspaper reports, Charlène’s whereabouts are now also known. It is said to be a private clinic in the Swiss Alps that treats drug addiction, eating disorders, exhaustion, depression and anxiety disorders, among other things. It is also said that a specialist recommended this facility for Charlène.

“She slept badly and hardly ate,” People quoted her husband as saying. “She is very physically and mentally exhausted.” The trigger for this is said to be a severe ear, nose and throat infection, because of which Charlène was stuck in South Africa for the last ten months and was not allowed to travel.

A source also allegedly told the US site “Page Six” that Charlène almost died in her home country. “Because of all the operations, she was only able to feed herself through a straw for six months, and has lost half of her body weight.” In the clinic, she should therefore regain her strength.

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Twins go to school in the palace

Her mother’s state of health also has a negative impact on Prince Jaques and Princess Gabriella’s school situation. According to this, Prince Albert and Charlène jointly decided at the end of October to take the twins out of the private school, which they had only started at the beginning of September. “You miss your mother”, Prince Albert explains this decision to “Paris Match”.

It makes the stressful situation easier, “that Jacques and Gabriella are now going to school in the palace.” However, this is not a big change for the six-year-olds. The 63-year-old emphasized that they were informed in the palace “last year” because of the pandemic.

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