Concern for Alex Jolig: He had a serious motorcycle accident

Alex Jolig (59) gives his fans cause for concern. Most recently, viewers saw the ex-Big Brother candidate separately with his ex Jenny Elvers (50) in the TV format Prominent. His participation in the show ended earlier than expected. Because he broke his foot, he had to go jenny resign from the show. In the Promiflash interview, the 59-year-old explained that “celebrity separated” had welded him and his ex even closer together. But now there is frightening news Alex: He was in a serious motorcycle accident.

Alex was on a motorbike with his buddies in northern Bavaria when he lost control of the vehicle at 35 km/h. The accident happened on July 15. Now Britt Jolig, the wife of TV fame, spoke in picture-Interview for the first time about her husband’s state of health. He is currently in a hospital in Nuremberg. “Alex has sustained a row of rib fractures, four ribs are affected, some of which are broken several times. It’s very painful and takes a long time.”explained Britt.

Why yourself Alex seriously injured: He wasn’t wearing an airbag vest, which he normally always has with him. Her husband is doing very badly at the moment, he can hardly move and has already collapsed. Britt would like her husband to be treated in her home on Mallorca, but transport is proving difficult. “If he can’t make it to the restroom, how is he going to make it to a gate on a scheduled flight?”she worried Alex. Now, however, he is to be flown home with the help of ADAC.

Alex Jolig
Britt and Alex Jolig at New Faces Awards Music, 2019

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Alex Jolig, “Big Brother” star of the first season

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