Compulsory vaccination? “Our job is to convince, not to oblige, otherwise it’s political laziness”, says Alexander de Croo

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If the measures taken by the Concertation Committee do not break the rebound of the virus, there will be no other solution than containment?

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In any case, it is thanks to the vaccination that we do not refine now. Thanks to the 8.6 million Belgians who have been vaccinated and that is good news. The most pessimistic experts had not foreseen a wave of this magnitude and everywhere in Europe. Someone told me that we are no longer in Covid-19, but in Covid-21: a new more virulent virus. Vaccination always offers very good protection, but in the fall period, an additional layer of protection is needed.

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At the risk of apparent contradictions: you can play sports indoors without a self-test at the entrance, this is not the case in a discotheque?

There is a big difference. Lots of people are on top of each other in a nightclub. It’s not like playing volleyball in a huge hall. Doing a test before going to the club is still not impossible to organize, Luxembourg has proven it.

The Minister of Health would have claimed that the measures were insufficient and that you would see each other in a week?

He didn’t say that, not like that. Frank (Vandenbroucke, Editor’s note) is Minister of Health, he defends his skills and he defends them well, because the situation is not obvious in hospitals. The next Codeco is set for early January unless things go extremely badly.

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