Compulsory vaccination of healthcare workers: health workers’ unions announce a day of action on December 7

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“Today, the threat of sanctions against certain professionals and their consequences both on the workload of the staff in place but also, in fine, on the offer and the quality of care, obliges the front union to react in the face of the disaster that looms in the coming weeks! ”wrote the CSC, Setca and CGSLB on Saturday in a joint press release.

“At the dawn of winter, when we reach a significant peak in contamination, when the staff is at the end of their rope after the successive waves of the pandemic, we cannot take the risk of losing more workers. ! The sector suffers from a chronic shortage which is intensifying and affecting more and more professions and the institutions are constantly operating just in time! To ask for even more from breathless and worn out staff, to precipitate the unraveling of the profession when the only priority is to work on its attractiveness? This is unacceptable! ”They add in chorus.

From Monday, and throughout next week, the three unions will organize a week of information and mobilization of all sectors concerned by the vaccination obligation.

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In addition, strike notices have already been submitted by the various trade union organizations. They have also decided to launch a common front a word of order for “a first day and mobilization” on December 7.

“It is the deplorable working conditions that are the real danger in terms of the quality of care. In the midst of a health crisis, questioning the sense of responsibility of workers who feel they have given more than anything for years is humiliating and irresponsible Access to quality health care for the entire population is the responsibility of employers and the government, not caregivers! They will have full responsibility for the consequences of what is to come in terms of access to healthcare, ”conclude the three trade unions.

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