Composer Soukup: Quick move home, son spoke

A large studio in a lucrative location is offered by a real estate agency for CZK 6,950,000. The new owner will not only get a great space, but also the atmosphere of famous names will breathe on him.

Lucie Bílá has been to Soukup several times.

From Kolja to Nightwork

“Dad sold the studio where he had worked since the 1990s. Perhaps everyone who can and cannot sing and play has passed through here. There was both music for the Oscar-winning Kolya and the production of Dan Landa’s records, namely my favorite Butterfly or Jackal Years. Of course, I shot most of Nightwork here in my day. Which I don’t know if it’s a good reference, “ František jokes Soukup on social networks.

Under control

A well-known composer who is signed under most songs Lucie Bílécomposed the musical Johanka z Arku and many other projects, but he certainly did not nail his career. “Dad doesn’t end up with music, but we’re renovating a villa where he’ll already have a studio right at home, and he’s under the supervision of his wife twenty-four hours seven days a week.” František explained the reason for the sale. “Not that he needs it for health reasons, he’s still a musician from an era when choir members and singers not only sang … Well, then. I said everything and maybe something extra, “ young Soukup added with a laugh.

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A place to relax as well

The studio has two acoustically decorated rooms – a director’s room and a recording room, which are connected by a soundproof window. It also has a large hall, two other rooms with kitchenette, bathroom with shower and toilet, utility room and entrance hall, where there is plenty of storage space.

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