Competition for Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa: New ‘Fast & Furious 10’ star is a bone breaker

Despite the tensions behind the scenes, the Fast & Furious family continues to grow. The new member is a giant and known from “Jack Reacher”.

The production of the final “Fast & Furious” films is currently not under a good star: behind the scenes, things are obviously bubbling up. Ironically, Justin Lin, who is responsible for the orientation and the look of the action series, left the director’s post shortly after the start of shooting and will only be there as a producer. A replacement has already been found with the proven Louis Leterrier (“The Transporter”), but since Lin was actually intended for both “Fast X” and “Fast & Furious 11”, the question now arises as to how to proceed, especially since both films are intended as a continuous two-parter.

And how deadline reported, there is now another newcomer: Alan Ritchson, who can currently be seen as Jack Reacher in the Amazon series of the same name, joins the well-known cast. As with Momoa, Diesel would be wise to go well with Ritchson. Ritchson is an imposing figure at 1.88 meters and has trained 15 kilos of muscle mass for the action series.

“Fast X”: Amazon star Alan Ritchson does not shy away from conflict

That Ritchson isn’t afraid to question creative choices should be a warning to Vin Diesel in particular. That’s what he said in an interview with Men’s Journal on his first leading role in the series “Reacher”:

“As an actor, I’m the last link in the creative chain most of the time. In my early days as a lead actor, I questioned everything in hopes of doing better. For this I was yelled at to just recite my lines. I was full of excitement, wanting to do more than just use my body.”

You can stream the fast-paced and exciting action series “Reacher” on Amazon

Prior to his breakthrough role in the Reacher series, Ritchson’s credits included acting as Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, in Smallville and the voice of Raphael in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films. “Reacher” Season 2 is already a done deal. In addition, Amazon has signed a contract with Ritchson for three more films. So his fans will have plenty of opportunities to see him in different roles in the near future. Who knows, maybe a new action star is growing up right now. The career of the 39-year-old should therefore continue to be closely monitored.

“Fast X” is scheduled for May 18, 2023 start in German cinemas. You can find out more facts about the action series in our video.

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