Common Causes Of Viral Fever In Month Of July To September Viral Fever Symptoms And Treatment

Some people may have a fever due to a throat infection. During this time you may also have cough problem.

The risk of viral fever increases during the rainy season. Due to rain, mosquitoes breed in large numbers, due to which diseases like dengue, malaria and viral fever can also occur. In such a situation, there is a need to be very careful in the months of July to September. Know that Dr. Amarendra Jha, a Consultant Physician told that there are five common causes of fever in the rainy season. Because of which, you may have many problems including fever, cough and cold. According to experts, if you pay attention to these five symptoms, then up to 95 percent of patients can be cured.

Viral Infection: During the rainy season people get fever due to infection. Flu-like symptoms are seen in fever caused by infection. During this, you may have fever as well as the problem of watery nose and eyes and turmeric cough. In this, doctors treat according to the symptoms. caused by infection Fever It may take 7-8 days to recover.

Fever due to upper respiratory tract infection: Some people may have a fever due to a throat infection. During this, there is also the problem of cough. Infections are mostly caused by bacteria in the throat. In this disease the patient gets cured in 5 to 8 days.

Fever due to abdominal pain (Viral Gastroenteritis): According to experts, if you are experiencing abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhea along with fever, then this disease is called viral gastroenteritis. This disease can be caused by eating outside things during the rainy season. In this disease also medicines are given according to the symptoms.

Dengue: in dengue disease Fever Along with this, body ache, severe headache, pain behind the eyes and red rashes on the body become. In this disease, the chances of low platelets are increased. The treatment of this disease is also done according to the symptoms.

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