Comes with suppository after cocaine scandal: ‘Do not get too close to the table’

A broken glass ended up throwing the lead singer from the band Moonlight into something of a scandal last year after they won Eurovision.

Now – a year later – he comes up with a little suppository for it all.

He did so during this year’s Eurovision final on Saturday night – and with a wry smile.

The scandal arose when the votes during the singing competition were announced last year. While this was happening, the cameras panned over to Moonlight at one point – and a few seconds of that clip were later shared far and wide.

The clip shows Damiano David leaning over the table in the so-called ‘green room’ and having both face and hands very close to the surface.

Several accused him of sniffing cocaine in the clip – but he himself rejected it at the subsequent winner-press conference.

‘I do not take drugs. Please refrain from saying so. Seriously, again cocaine. Please do not say that, ‘repeated the lead singer over and over again.

The reason why he had leaned forward over the table was instead – he said – that one of the others in the band had smashed a glass which had been smoked on the floor.

At the press conference, he also said that he would be tested for drugs to prove his innocence – and when the test came back, it showed that he was right.

There were no traces of drugs.

When he took the Eurovision stage again with the rest of the band on Saturday night, he was asked if he had any advice for this year’s participants of the show.

“Have fun,” he said, before adding with a crooked smile:

“And don’t get too close to the table, boys.”

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