comes the end of "Who killed Sarah?": Alex faces his worst ghost


Nothing should fuel the thirst for revenge more than being unjustly imprisoned. In the case of Alex Guzman (Manolo Cardona)To make matters worse, the crime of which he was accused was that of his own sister.

For two seasons, the Mexican thriller “Who Killed Sarah?” -one of the most popular on Netflix- caught and confused the public in a labyrinth of lies and half-truths that turned upside down the already convulsed world of Alex, his family and relatives.

Upon leaving prison after 18 years, this man decides to use the contacts and what he learned “inside” to shoulder the investigation into the murder of the teenager who, as the episodes go by, we discover hid too many things in his heart and his head.

In the process, Alex becomes involved with the suspicious and powerful family Lazcano in different ways. With Elise You can’t help but fall in love rudolph -who was his best friend- now he is joined by distrust and resentment, while with the patriarch, Ceasethings get out of control.

Alex (Cardona) and Elisa (Carolina Miranda) join forces in search of the truth. (Photo: Netflix)

The Colombian actor told in an interview with People en Español: “The challenges (during recordings) They were great, not only psychological from the character’s creation, but also physical because I had a tremendous physical demand; I had a personal trainer, I had to be very well physically”.

And I add: “I had to outline the character who had been planning this revenge for 18 years, but at the same time humanize him and make him connect with the public. That was the biggest challenge I had.”

“I had to outline the character who had been planning this revenge for 18 years, but at the same time humanize him and make him connect with the public”

The facts of the second season finale revealed terrible secrets about Sara and her mental health. Also, that he was the victim of unscrupulous people. Suddenly the strong sexual content that part of the story had had in relation to the young woman’s behavior, went into the background. Who and why subjected Sara to torture and lies?

Sara (Ximena Lamadrid) will still give us many surprises. (Photo: Netflix)

“It is a series that is number one in the world on Netflix at the moment for a reason. It is an Agatha Christie-style thriller full of mystery, action, drama, romance. It is very well shot and produced, photographed, the characters” Cardona thinks, whose “Alex” must now, from May 18, face your worst ghost: his sister’s true personality whom he clearly never quite met.

In parallel, a mysterious body buried in the patio of his house becomes a bomb that can send him back to prison. That is why he has no choice but to become an investigator and put together all the pieces that will lead him to put together the true and terrible story of Sara and her relationship with the Lazcano family. The trailer that advances this third and last installment threw a “dazo”: Maybe Sara isn’t dead. How?!


Watch the trailer for Who Killed Sara? final season!

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