Comedy ‘When the cat is away’ in Theater De Roxy in Sint-Truiden

Sint Truiden

From 25 November Theater De Roxy in Sint-Truiden will play the brand new comedy ‘If the cat is away…’. The director is actor Gunter Reniers (Patje from ‘Thuis’) who also takes on one of the leading roles.

Guy Care

Gunter Reniers: “Our theater season is running at full speed in De Roxy. But this piece is a ‘special one’. Years ago I saw ‘When the cat is away…’ in Antwerp with Carry Goosens and Danni Heylen in the lead roles. It was a memorable performance. A comedy with all the trimmings. Really something for De Roxy. I contacted actress Katrien De Becker (Tania from ‘Thuis’, June from ‘Familie’) and comedienne Saskia Debaere. Both ladies shone last year in De Roxy in the performance ‘One is none’. That collaboration was so successful that they did not hesitate to be there again. We also call in two very young, talented ladies: Lotte Swartebroekx and Celine Corthaut. They are also no strangers to our loyal audience.”In ‘If the cat is away’, Chantal (Katrien) decides to go on a second honeymoon with her husband Rik (Yves Caspar) to get the grind out of their 20-year marriage. Unfortunately, she has a hard time convincing her boring husband to come along. Ilona (Saskia), Chantal’s haughty sister, has just left her husband Benny (Gunter) and comes to cry. Bad timing for Chantal, but ideal for Rik. He takes the opportunity to escape the honeymoon by sending Ilona along with Chantal. The disadvantage is that he is stuck with his annoying brother-in-law.The performance runs from November 25 to December 18 in Theater De Roxy, Rijschoolstraat 51, 3800 Sint-Truiden. You can order tickets via

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