Combine dress in winter: this is how you become an eye-catcher

Would you like to be perfectly styled even on cold days? GALA tells you how easy it is to combine a dress in winter – and that without freezing.

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Do your summer dresses always disappear from your wardrobe in winter? That’s over now, because we’ll show you how you can also put your clothes in the limelight in winter. No matter whether short or long dresses, if you combine them with just a few pieces of clothing, they are quickly made suitable for winter. And don’t worry: you will also look stylish with it.

Which clothes are also suitable in winter?

On cold days we often long for cozy, soft wool sweaters. Sure, because nobody really wants to freeze in icy temperatures. Before we leave the house, the scarf is usually quickly thrown over, the hat on and the gloves on. We show you that this is also possible with a dress in winter.

Which clothes can be combined well in winter depends entirely on which pattern they have and what you have to match them in your wardrobe. Typical summer motifs such as ice cream cones, sunglasses, flamingos, pineapples, watermelon and co. Look cool and casual in summer, but you have no place in winter. Motifs suitable for winter are now popular on clothes. These include, among other things the all-round talent of flower patterns as well as animal prints and single-colored dresses, because they are independent of the season and always look great.

But the colors are also decisive for whether or not they are really suitable for winter and fashionable at the same time. You can always orientate yourself on trend colors and, of course, your own interpretations of whether the clothes really go with the winter in terms of color or whether you are more likely to associate them with summer.

Combine dress in winter: It’s that easy

Layering, i.e. the onion look, is now in fashion. Layer your clothes skillfully and combine your light dress in winter too.

You should wear that underneath

The dress as such, as you wear it in summer, is definitely a bit too fresh for winter, the material is simply too thin. Skilfully styled, your dress will quickly become an eye-catcher even in the cold season – and without you having to freeze.

Tip 1: Long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck sweater

Sleeveless dress goodbye? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Drag a thin, long-sleeved shirt or a thin turtleneck sweater under your sleeveless dress. Make sure that the shirt is as plain and monochrome as possible, at best even contains a color that can also be found on your dress. This is how you create a harmonious outfit.

Tip 2: long-sleeved undershirt

Do you tend to be one of those people who freeze easily? Then it will help you a long-sleeved undershirt made of wool through the cold days. Believe us, you will immediately feel cuddly wrapped up and you will not want to miss it anymore.

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Tip 3: undergarment

A petticoat also promises help to be able to combine a more summery dress in winter. There are different models. Especially those that are made of denser fabric and thus act as a warming layer are suitable for winter. Super plus point: The undergarment is not visible to outsiders. It is important here that you buy a sleek and, if possible, antistatic undergarment so that the dress does not slip up over it, stick to it or even become electrostatically charged and start to crackle.

Tip 4: turtleneck sweater, long-sleeved shirt or cardigan

Does your dress have 3/4 sleeves? Even then you can combine it with in winter a turtleneck or a long-sleeved shirt for example. Alternatively, it can also be great a cozy cardigan pull if you don’t want to wear anything under the dress.

Tip 5: Thermal tights / leggings, tights, nylon tights

So that you do not start to freeze or even risk a cystitis, you should warm thermal tights or Thermo-Leggings wear under the dress in winter. They protect you from wind and weather and keep you cozy and warm, because they are equipped with a fluffy inside. If you’re looking for a great alternative, we can help Wool tights or with cashmere I recommend that you give your look a completely different touch.
You can also create a stylish look with Nylon-Tightsthat have a relatively high DEN number, because wafer-thin models are a real no-go in winter.

Tip 6: jeans

Instead of tights and the like, you can also use yours Favorite jeans put on under the dress. This may sound a bit strange to you at first, but it is currently being seen more and more frequently. And as the saying goes: if you don’t dare, you won’t win. So feel free to do something!

You should wear that over it

And so that you don’t have to freeze over it, you should make your summer dress suitable for winter and style it skillfully.

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Tipp 1: (Oversize-)Pullover

Do you love it casual and cozy and warm? Perfect, then combine your dress with in winter a sweater. So you can skilfully put your dress in the limelight even on cold days. Right now they are totally trendy Oversize-Pullover over a dress and / or skirt. If that looks too bulky to you, go for it a narrow waist belt and place it over the sweater.

Tip 2: Poncho or capes

You don’t always have to wear a sweater over the dress, either Ponchos and capes warm and contribute to a casual outfit.

Tip 3: cardigan or cardigan

Strickjacken and Cardigans are especially popular in winter. Understandable, after all, they are cozy and warm, usually longer than conventional sweaters and they also create a casual look. All practical reasons to be able to combine a dress perfectly in winter. And if a cardigan over a dress is too boring for you, then you can also grab it here a thin waist belt and place it over it, because that creates contours.

Tip 4: coat, leather jacket, blazer

With sweaters, cardigans and co., However, the ideal night-out outfit for the winter is far from being created. Therefore, first of all there has to be a suitable and at the same time warmer cloak here. It will give you some looks, but it won’t distract you too much from your generally stylish look.
If you don’t leave the house, we can help you depending on the style type a leather jacket Recommend for the top, because it gives the outfit that certain something and makes the look look rocky. But also a blazer is a nice alternative to combine a chic outfit around the dress in winter. Velvet and corduroy blazers, for example, are perfect for the cold season.

Which shoes go well with the outfit?

With this outfit, an important focus is on the footwear, because you cannot simply combine any shoes with a dress in winter. After all, they should round off the outfit perfectly, make us an eye-catcher and not a fashion faux pas.

Depending on the effect you want to achieve, the following shoes are suitable for dressing in winter. If you like to style yourself classically, wear it Ankle boots, gladly on too Lace-up boots or Chelsea Boots. If, on the other hand, you want to look classy and timeless, combine your dress with in winter Boots with a riding boot look – at best made of smooth or suede or Suede over-the-knee boots. Rather, wear the casual look that you are flat biker boots the right choice for you.

Tip: If you want to conjure up optically long legs, choose the same color for the boots and tights, this stretches the legs.

Which accessories go with it?

Accessories belong to every outfit, even if you combine a dress in winter. In addition to matching Scarves, hats, headbands and gloves also evaluates, for example a hat made of wool the look perfectly. Matching colors Earrings, necklaces and bracelets are just like Handbags an absolute must-have for your look. Depending on the weather is also suitable a stylish pair of sunglasses. Remember: less is sometimes more.

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