Coma Cose: “We turned off social networks to find ourselves” live with Claudia Rossi and Andrea Conti

THE Coma Things they are guests of the talk Program Wednesday 16 November from 5 pm in streaming on Facebook and YouTube of Il Fatto Quotidiano. The revelation duo a San Remo 2021, will present the new record to Claudia Rossi and Andrea Conti “A wonderful way to save yourself”And the tour that will touch the main Italian clubs in spring 2023, with also two special dates in Paris and London.

“We chose this title because it implies a question – said the Coma Cose – for us to admit that there is something to fix is ​​the starting point from which to build a dialogue with the public, we got naked, we talked about we analyzed what surrounds us and perhaps we found the answer at the end of the disc, savoring every day of the last year. Part of the process was to get away from everything, turn off social networks, find our center of gravity, but just as there is no single point of arrival, so there is no single way to save ourselves, everyone must look for his own and this record is just a small I invite you to slow down and try to understand what can really make us feel better”.

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