Colombian influencer uses Dundunsua’s voice for one of her videos

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One of the creators of digital content with the largest number of followers in Colombia, La Segura, used an audio with the voice of the Panamanian Dundunsua to record one of her videos, which exceeded one million views on her Instagram account.

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“Label your best friends without fear”, was the phrase that accompanied the Reel, where he also asked his followers to label the person with the voice, because they do not know who he is.

Almost immediately, the content creator began to receive comments informing her that it is about the Dundunsua, the popular Colonesian became famous after a viral video where she saved the life of a man who was trying to commit suicide.

“… Who are with married men, waiting for hope, your hope is not in him, your hope is in God, let go of what is not yours, sua..sua..sui.siu … let go, because that It is not yours mommy, oh the gift that God gave me, how God is going to give you a foreign husband, two-legged lizard, explain that to me, let’s talk. “, is what the Dundunsua says, who undoubtedly with her voice went very far.

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