Colle, Lupi after center-right summit: “Are 60 votes missing to elect Berlusconi? It is not he who has to find them, we need a dialogue with the groups “

From the Northern League secretary Matteo Salvini to the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni, passing through Lorenzo Cesa (Udc) and Luigi Brugnaro (Coraggio Italia), around 5 pm, all the delegations of the parties gathered in Berlusconi’s Roman residence left. Nobody wanted to make statements to reporters, except Maurizio Lupi, deputy of We with Italy: “The numbers and 60 votes missing for the election, compared to the starting ones of the center-right? Dialogue must be opened, throughout next week, between the parliamentary forces. NIt is not Berlusconi who must find his 60 votes, is the center-right coalition that starts from its numbers, compactly, and that dialogues with all the other parliamentary groups to check if the conditions are right to get to the election of the President of the Republic ”, Lupi cut short.

And again: “We are not taking time: next week we will see each other further. We have also made an appeal to the presidents of the Chamber and Senate so that all 1009 of the great voters are enabled to vote. There are tons of tools. It would be a very serious precedent not to get them to vote ”, concluded Lupi, before leaving Villa Grande.

The former undersecretary to the prime minister also took part in the summit among the leaders of the center-right Gianni Letta, who, however, did not want to make any comment on the choice of the center-right to ask Berlusconi to run for the Quirinale. Precisely the words of Letta, the most authoritative of the Berlusconi councilors, who had invited “the great voters, parliamentarians and not”, to “draw inspiration from the lesson” that came from the commemoration in Parliament of David Sassoli and “look at the interests of the country and not at partisan differences “had opened a case, considered almost a disavowal with respect to the race of the former Prime Minister and leader of Forza Italia.

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