Coffee at the bar for 1.50 euros

Coffee at the bar (photo Imagoeconomica)

Rome, January 15, 2022 – The ‘expensive-breakfast’. This was reported by Assoutenti, who reported a patchy rise in prices in Italy for the price lists of coffee, cappuccino and croissants in bars. The association reports that coffee prices have grown by 81% in 2021, those of milk by 60%, those of sugar and cocoa by 30%. Higher costs for exhibitors who, inevitably, are passed on to final consumers, and are giving rise to the phenomenon throughout Italy. Added to this are the announced increases in electricity and gas bills. Like this the coffee in some cases reaches 1.50 euros per cup with an increase of 37.6%.

And, moreover, it is this morning’s note Confesercenti, which warns: Omicron and rush of bills bring the hands of the recovery are six months back. The new slowdown triggered by the fourth wave and by the increase in the prices of energy goods could put at risk, in the first quarter of 2022 alone, approximately 6.4 billion euros of expenditure: a sting that would precipitate consumption again to the levels of the second quarter of the last year, effectively canceling all the recovery gained in the second half of 2021 and moving the recovery of pre-pandemic levels from the end of 2023 to the beginning of 2024.

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