Cobra Star Kai reveals martial arts expert

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, actor Thomas Ian Griffith revealed that he is an expert in martial arts. He returned to the role of Terry Silver in Cobra Kai.

Taking part in fight scenes is not a problem for the actor. But he admitted that despite his experience in the field, working on Cobra Kai turned out to be a bit tiring at times.

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“I have always been a martial artist. It’s a part of who I am, and it also serves as therapy.”

“When the creators of Cobra Kai invited me, they asked if I was still in shape. I replied that it would not be a problem.”

“When I was on set, I looked at the stuntman working and I thought, ‘I can kick a lot faster.’ So I decided to participate.”

“What I didn’t take into account is that it’s 10 hours of work a day. So, honestly, when I went to take a shower at night, I’d think, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’” concluded the actor, jokingly.

Cobra Kai is a hit on Netflix

Cobra Kai is the continuation of the Karate Kid universe. The series was a YouTube production but was eventually acquired by Netflix.

At the streaming giant, Cobra Kai has acquired a new level of popularity. The series is praised by fans and critics for its playful style and the way it honors the legacy of the Karate Kid franchise.

Below is a synopsis of Cobra Kai from Netflix.

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“Decades after the competition that changed their lives, the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel is back in this sequel to the Karate Kid trilogy.”

In season four, the two team up to stop Cobra Kai, dominated by John Kreese. The villain, to stop former apprentice Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, brings back Terry Silver, Karate Kid 3’s main threat.

Cobra Kai is available on Netflix.

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