Cobra Kai, The Witcher and more Netflix Premieres in December 2021

Netflix will bring the big releases for December 2021. New seasons of series like Cobra Kai, The Witcher, La Casa de Papel and Emily in Paris arrive in the period.

The titles, however, shouldn’t be the only standouts arriving on the streaming platform. The month also promises films rated for the awards season, such as Attack of the Dogs, Não Look Up and A Daughter Perdido.

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Within national cinema, Lulli is the first time. The film stars Larissa Manoela, who continues to star in content for Netflix.

Check out the December 2021 releases on Netflix below.

Movies arriving December 2021 on Netflix

The Favorite – December 1st

Candidate Gary Hart’s (Hugh Jackman) presidential campaign in 1988 takes an unprecedented impact after rumors of betrayal surface.

Dog Attack – December 1st

A domineering but charismatic farmer begins to bully his brother’s new wife and her teenage son until old secrets come to light. With Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst.

A Crush for Christmas – December 2nd

Peter asks his best friend to pretend to be his boyfriend for Christmas. But plans and feelings change when his family tries to play Cupid.

Cobalt Blue – December 3rd

An aspiring writer and his sister fall in love with the enigmatic tenant of the house where they live, but the consequences will shake the family structures.

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The Cassette Tape – December 3rd

In 1999, young Beverly finds a broken tape recorded by her deceased parents. So she goes after the songs and learns more about Mom and Dad.

David and the Christmas Elves – December 6th

An exhausted and overwhelmed elf flees to the real world, where he tries to experience the magic of Christmas with the help of a boy he’s just befriended.

The Noel Family 2 – 7 December

The role of Santa Claus is to deliver presents. But after inheriting the reins from Grandpa Noël, Jules receives a letter from a girl with a special request.

It works out December 2 – 7

In search of easy money, a group of friends discover a DVD that can earn a lot of money with blackmail. With Fábio Porchat, Danton Mello, Lucio Mauro Filho and Natália Lage.

The Boy of Asakusa – December 9th

Prior to stardom, Takeshi Kitano was apprenticed to a comedy legend. But when he ascends to fame, his mentor starts to leave the scene.

More than Too Much for Me – December 10th

After breaking up with the man of dreams, Marta falls in love with an artist. But life brings some twists to the sick woman and her friends.

Next stop: Home Sweet Home – December 10th

They look dangerous, but these misunderstood creatures have a heart of gold – and are fleeing captivity to return home.

Unforgivable – December 10th

Free from prison, but without society’s forgiveness, a woman convicted of murder decides to look for the sister she left behind. Starring Sandra Bullock.

The Hand of God – The Hand of God – December 15th

In 1980s Naples, the young Fabietto lives his love for football. Until a family tragedy sets him on the path to movie life.

A Christmas Wife – December 16th

Three brothers launch into fierce competition over their mother’s Christmas wish and the grand prize that goes with it.

A Toast to Christmas: City Lights – December 16

After a year of relationship, Callie and Joseph leave the ranch to settle family business in San Francisco with their marriage in sight.

Killer Predators – December 20th

While trying to save her father during a hurricane, a woman is trapped in the flooded basement of her home at the mercy of a deadly threat that prowls the waters.

Christmas, but Little – December 21

A trip to the beach turns into madness after Servando and Alicia, Alma’s stubborn aunt, begin competing to control Christmas.

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw – December 22nd

American agent Luke Hobbs arrives in England to stop a deadly biological threat. For that, he needs to join forces with his greatest adversary, the mercenary Deckard Shaw.

Don’t Look Up – December 24th

Two astronomers (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) discover a deadly comet on a collision course with Earth and need to make humanity worry about it.

Everything But Christmas – December 24th

A Christmas tale, a romantic comedy and the story of a man in his early thirties who grudgingly learns to let himself be carried away by the Christmas spirit.

Victoria and Mystery – December 24th

After her mother’s death, a girl and her father move to the countryside, where a special friend helps her rediscover the joy of life. Inspired by a true story.

Lulli – December 26th

Larissa Manoela is a medical student who, after being shocked by an MRI machine, begins to hear people’s thoughts.

Neruda – December 27th

When a Chilean police officer commits to finding and capturing the leftist poet Pablo Neruda, a frantic chase begins that puts his instincts to the test.

The Lost Daughter – December 31

A woman’s peaceful seaside vacation changes course after her obsession with a young mother staying nearby brings back old memories. With Olivia Colman.

The series arriving on Netflix in December 2021

Lost in Space: Season 3 – December 1

In this epic final season, the Robinsons must act at the speed of light to rally and protect Alpha Centauri from a robot invasion.

La Casa de Papel: Part 5, Volume 2 – December 3

The risk could not be greater for the Professor. In trouble, he rushes to get the gold and, more importantly, his team from the bank.

Coming Out of the Closet with Colton Underwood – December 3rd

Former NFL player and “Bachelor” star Colton Underwood embarks on the journey to embrace his new life as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Titans: Season 3 – December 8

Struggling to remain united, the Titans face Red Hood, a mysterious new threat that wants to destroy the city of Gotham for good.

Inspector Koo Kyung Yi – December 11

A reclusive ex-cop returns to duty as an insurance inspector, looking for clues at crime scenes perfectly orchestrated by a serial killer.

Tampa Bay for Sale – December 15

Allure Realty Realtors mix work with fun and dominate Tampa’s upscale real estate market.

Elite Short Stories: Phillipe Caye Felipe – December 15th

While Cayetana tries to get over her ex-boyfriend with the help of her new friend Felipe, the prince reappears in her life.

Superstore: An Inconvenience Store Season 6 – 15 December

The series returns for the sixth and final season with episodes set and recorded during the pandemic.

The Witcher: Season 2 – December 17th

The epic series of monsters, magic and fate returns for season two. Starring Henry Cavill.

Elite Short Stories: Samuel Omar – December 20th

When Samuel is threatened with eviction from his childhood home, Omar makes a tempting offer to raise money.

Emily in Paris: Season 2 – December 22nd

More fun. More fashion. And more challenges. Paris seems increasingly cozy, but the aftermath of a night of passion can take Emily off the hook in no time.

Elite Short Stories: Patrick – December 23

Patrick’s trip to a cabin in the woods at the end of the year has unexpected and significant consequences.

Our Eternal Summer – December 24th

Years after filming a viral documentary at school, two ex-lovers return to the front of the camera and to each other’s lives.

Coffee with Women’s Scent – ​​December 29

This remake of the classic 1994 novel tells the love story between coffee picker Gaviota and Sebastián, heir to the coffee aristocracy.

Anxious People – December 29

A failed bank robber locks himself in an apartment with a realtor, two decorators, a pregnant woman, a suicidal millionaire and a rabbit.

Kitz – December 30th

Seeking revenge on the girl she holds responsible for her brother’s death, a waitress infiltrates the glittering world of wealthy teenagers.

Cobra Kai: Season 4 – December 31

Decades after the competition that changed their lives, the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel is back in this sequel to the Karate Kid trilogy.

Queer Eye: Season 6 – December 31

The Emmy-winning reality show returns for season six.

Stay with Me – December 31st

A new mystery by Harlan Coben, which mixes many intrigues, soap operas and chilling secrets.

Documentaries and specials arriving on Netflix in December 2021

La casa de papel: From Tokyo to Berlin: Season 2 – 3 December

It’s the end of an era for the showrunners, actors and actresses of “La Casa de Papel”, who tell secrets of the filming and say goodbye to the acclaimed series.

The Optics of Cinema – December 6th

Movie lovers examine cinematic moments that changed their lives forever in this collection of visual essays. Produced by David Fincher and David Prior.

IT’S LOVE: Camargo Family – December 9th

Surrounded by family and friends, Zezé Di Camargo and her daughter Wanessa get together to work together on a new album in this intimate reality show.

The Fascinating World of Corals – December 16th

A baby puffer fish traverses a haunting microscopic world of fantastical creatures in search of a home in the Great Barrier Reef.

Crime Scene – The Times Square Killer – December 29

A new part of the documentary series about contemporary crimes that have chilling relationships with historically haunted places.

Kids and family movies and series arriving December 2021 on Netflix

Kayko and Kokosh – December 1

Two warriors go out of their way to defend the village of Mirmilville from the attacks of the Despicable Knights.

Kayko and Kokosh: Season 2 – December 1

From an all-expenses-paid trip to an extravagant debutante party, Kayko and Kokosh continue to experience many misadventures.

Jurassic World: Jurassic Camp: Season 4 – December 3

The young people leave the camp on Isla Nublar and end up in an uncharted terrain full of threats – and well-kept secrets.

Shaun the Sheep: Christmas Adventure – December 3rd

Shaun gets into trouble, and the entire farm embarks on a Christmas adventure that even features a sled!

The World of Centaurs: Season 2 – 7 December

Mare sets out on a mission to create an army and defeat the King of Nowhere. It won’t be easy, but she has her friends by her side and the Knight waiting for her at home.

Go, Dog. Go!: Season 2 – December 7th

This season, adventurous puppies Tag and Scoochi go everywhere, from the incredible surroundings of Dogland City to the bright lights of Dog York City!

Fast & Furious – Asphalt Spies: Season 6 – December 17

The final season takes the Asphalt Spies across the world from the Alps to the Arctic and back to Los Angeles — in battle against the worst of enemies.

Animes arriving on Netflix in December 2021

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – December 1st

Jolyne and his teammates face new Stand users at Green Dolphin Street Penitentiary, continuing the Joestar family legacy.

Aggretsuko: Season 4 – December 16

Retsuko tries to stop Haida from making the biggest mistake of her life after the company’s new president takes the office to a new extreme.

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