Cobra Kai: Rivals or Friends? Actress comments on the future of Tory and Samantha

The Cobra Kai series, which recently had its fifth season on Netflix, is one of the great streaming successes of the year, which has not yet been renewed for a sixth season.

“Terry is looking to change things at Cobra Kai, so Daniel, Johnny and an old ally join forces for a battle that goes far beyond the mat,” states the official synopsis for season five.

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With Blue Beetle star Xolo Maridueña, the cast also features William Zabka, Ralph Macchio, Tanner Buchanan, and more.

While the series does not return, one of the actresses of the series commented on the future of Samantha and Tory, if they can still be rivals or friends (via ScreenRant🇧🇷

Peyton List reveals if Sam and Tory can be friends

In a recent interview, actress Peyton List revealed if Samantha and Tory could be friends in a possible sixth season.

List initially revealed that the two would never be friends, with Mary Mouser, Samantha’s interpreter, agreeing with the idea.

After that, the actress admits that she realized how things can change over time between the two characters, who were once enemies.

“At first, I remember being with Mary and someone asking me that question. I stopped her and said, ‘no, sometimes there are people who will never be able to be friends. A lot has happened’. But I was younger when I started the series,” she said.

“Now that time has passed I realize how things can heal and change and how petty boy problems can be. I mean, it was more than that too. Obviously, she accused Tory of theft and all kinds of horrible things.”

For List, who saw a fan comment that Sam and Tory would be fighting over boys, the characters are on another level that could become a friendship.

However, the actress did not say whether the characters can put their differences aside and really be friends in the series.

“I think that can be set aside because they’ve been through a lot together. Someone recently commented on something that I really thought was interesting. It was a fan, and he said, ‘It looks like these girls are just fighting over these boys to get each other’s attention,'” List revealed.

“I was like, ‘Well, at the end of the day, maybe they really like screwing each other over. Maybe they really like each other’. Not in a romantic way, but as if they were inseparable friends,” she concluded.

Though they’ve been enemies in the past, Cobra Kai doesn’t allow much room for Samantha and Tory to have a unique dynamic.

The characters still have a certain feud. However, they could work together sometime, unlike Miguel and Robby.

They have reasons to carry all this anger, and if the partnership came to an end, possibly they would fight each other again. The feud could get even worse with Tory’s new sensei.

Cobra Kai is available at Netflix🇧🇷

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