“Cobra Kai”: Kenny Payne, the character who revived “Karate Kid” in season 4

On December 31, the fourth season of “Cobra Kai”Via Netflix. With 10 episodes, the series continued the story of the characters created by Robert Mark Kamen, who have penetrated the hearts of the audience.

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The appearance of Kenny in the last installment has stirred the memories of the spectators, because his story is similar to the one he presents “The Karate Kid”, the cinematographic saga that emitted its first film in 1984 and that had as protagonists Ralph Macchio, Noriyuki “Pat” Morita, Elisabeth Shue, William Zabka y Randee Heller.

Find out more about the character played below Dallas Dupree Young that has captivated the public.

On December 31, the fourth season of “Cobra Kai” was released (Photo: Netflix)


Season 4 of “Cobra Kai” surprised viewers with the entry of Kenny Payne, who recalled the experiences of Daniel LaRusso in “The Karate Kid 1″. Kenny is a young character who will have on his back the responsibility of carrying out the story of Cobra Kai, by honoring LaRusso and putting a new twist on his career.

As you recall, in 1984, Daniel was bullied by Cobra Kai immediately after moving to San Fernando Valley, where karate was as dominant as soccer in the West Texas.

Young actor Dallas Dupree Young will join the cast of Cobra Kai for this new season.  The 14-year-old artist is known for his role in “The Fosters” (Photo: Healthy Celeb)
Young actor Dallas Dupree Young will join the cast of Cobra Kai for this new season. The 14-year-old artist is known for his role in “The Fosters” (Photo: Healthy Celeb)


The character that gives life Dallas Young face harassment just like LaRusso. He made his debut in episode two, “First Learn Stand”, where he is shown as a high school student with an absent father and whose older brother is serving time in reformatory.

Payne is new to the school, so he is immediately attacked by abusive students among whom he stands out Anthony LaRusso, the son of Daniel. The brutality of the youth is so great that the teenager is forced to join Cobra Kai, where he will be guided by Robby Keene, who takes the place of Sr. Miyagi.


As he gains strength and confidence, Kenny begins to defend himself and fight his tormentors. This is how at the end of the season, he humiliates and defeats Anthony. Meanwhile in “The Karate Kid” Daniel maintains a hero role, Kenny’s story is full of shades of gray as he finally joins the “bad” dojo of Cobra Kai, activating his aggressiveness.

Become the competition of Anthony LaRusso positions Kenny as a main character in upcoming installments.


In the penultimate episode of the fourth season of “”, The annual tournament begins and several dojos battle it out to be the champions and settle personal scores. This edition of the competition has new rules: it not only separates men and women, it also includes a skills test, and each category accumulates points that will determine the great champion.

Despite the efforts of the students of Eagle Fang Karate most are out of the competition and only Miguel advances to the semifinals, where he faces Hawk. A pain in the back leaves Miguel out of the tournament and Eli Moskowitz advances to the final, where he faces Robby.

After a draw, their combat is defined in sudden death, and although they both know both styles of karate, Hawk becomes the winner thanks to Daniel allowing him to use what he learned with Johnny. Also, Robby is a bit distracting by not wanting to be a bad example for Kenny.

After Hawk’s victory, LaRusso accepts that he needs Lawrence’s help to win and a true alliance is finally forged between the former rivals, so the two guide Sam in his fight against Tory, but it is not enough to get the championship.

Due to skill points, it becomes the winning dojo, but as Tory confirmed, they cheated, as Terry paid one of the judges to favor his dojo. But that wasn’t Silver’s only play. To get rid of Kreese, he persuaded Manta Ray to report him for his attack.

For his part, Daniel does not plan to clear the way for Cobra Kai, so get reinforcements too, it’s about Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto)Does it mean that you will teach your students Miyagi’s secret technique?

When the enemy grows stronger, LaRusso and Lawrence join forces to defeat Kreese and Silver in the fourth installment of “Cobra Kai” (Photo: Netflix)


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