Cobra Kai actress participated in Big Bang Theory and fans forgot

Cobra Kai, the hit YouTube series that migrated to Netflix, features an actress from The Big Bang Theory, but few fans noticed.

This is the actress Courtney Henggeler, who gave life to the twin sister of the protagonist Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory.

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In Cobra Kai she plays Amanda LaRusso, Daniel’s loving wife. The website looper describes the character as “the voice of reason on a show where reason is rarely at the forefront of many characters’ actions”.

Have you already noticed the connection between the two series?

Cobra Kai on Netflix

Cobra Kai is the continuation of the Karate Kid universe. The series was a YouTube production, but was eventually acquired by Netflix.

In the streaming giant, Cobra Kai has acquired a new level of popularity. The series is praised by fans and critics alike for its playful style and the way it honors the legacy of the Karate Kid franchise.

Read below for a synopsis of Netflix’s Cobra Kai.

“Decades after the competition that changed their lives, the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel is back in this sequel to the Karate Kid trilogy.”

In season four, the two just join forces to stop Cobra Kai, dominated by John Kreese. The villain, to stop former apprentice Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, brings back Terry Silver, main threat from Karate Kid 3.

Cobra Kai has four seasons on Netflix. The fifth premieres on September 9.

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