Cobra Kai actress banned from performing in season 4

Johnny Lawrence is known for controversial training on Cobra Kai and later Eagle Fang in the series Karate Kid on Netflix. An idea about the character was so dangerous that actress Mary Mouser, Sam, was banned from shooting the scene.

During season four, Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso team up in Cobra Kai. The senseis think about training together to be able to defeat John Kreese.

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Part of the arc had Johnny teaching Daniel’s students some of his attitude, while LaRusso showed the other group some of Miyagi’s technique.

In Eagle Fang training, Johnny Lawrence wanted Daniel’s students to jump from building to building. On Buzfeed, Mary Mouser tells that she was banned from doing the scene as Sam.

“The only thing they wouldn’t let me do was jump between buildings. But I was the one who ran to the ramp and then rolled to the ground. That one jumping was my super stunt Selkie Hom. She’s amazing,” said the Cobra Kai actress.

More about Cobra Kai on Netflix

Cobra Kai is the continuation of the Karate Kid universe. The series was a YouTube production but was eventually acquired by Netflix.

At the streaming giant, Cobra Kai has acquired a new level of popularity. The series is praised by fans and critics for its playful style and the way it honors the legacy of the Karate Kid franchise.

Below is a synopsis of Cobra Kai from Netflix.

“Decades after the competition that changed their lives, the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel is back in this sequel to the Karate Kid trilogy.”

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In season four, the two will just join forces to stop Cobra Kai, dominated by John Kreese. The villain, to stop former apprentice Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, brings back Terry Silver, Karate Kid 3’s main threat.

Cobra Kai has spent four seasons on Netflix.

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