CNN: “FBI investigation into Chinese technologies that can interfere with encrypted communications”

Some Chinese-made technological equipment may interrupt communications from thenuclear arsenal of the United States. This was revealed by CNN, which cites the investigations conducted by Fbi after what is considered a real escalation of espionage on American soil in the last ten years. At least since 2017, according to CNN, federal officials of the US government have been investigating on Chinese land purchases near critical infrastructureclosed a high-profile regional consulate deemed by the US government an outbreak of Chinese spies and thwarted what they saw as clear attempts to install listening devices near sensitive military and government facilities.

One of the most alarming discoveries to come to light from the FBI investigation, continues CNN, concerns the Chinese-made Huawei equipment on top of cell towers near US military bases FE Warren Air Force Base, Midwest, Cheyenne, Wyoming. According to several sources, the FBI determined that the equipment was capable of capturing and disrupting encrypted communications from the Department of Defense, including those used by the United States Strategic Command, which oversees the country’s nuclear weapons. Beijing’s 2017 offer to build a park in the National Arboterum in Washington would also go in this direction, which turned out to be an espionage attempt, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation: from the top of the pagoda they could have been collected, three kilometers away. from Capitol Hill, strategic signals. The materials that should have been used would also have been sent through diplomatic channels, without US controls. The investigation into Cheyenne’s Huawey components was so secret that not everyone was aware of it, in the White House and other centers of power in Washington until 2019.

Since 2017, the FBI has been investigating China’s purchase of land near critical infrastructure in an attempt to gain information. It was after the discovery of the Cheyenne Tower equipment that the Federal Communications Commission had banned small telecommunications companies from using Huawei components. And in 2020, Congress approved a $ 1.9 billion package to remove Huawei and ZTE components from plants in US provinces, where they were most common. Although two years later, still nothing has been done.


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