Clueso: Singer doesn’t have one "1A police certificate"

Singer does not have a “1A police certificate”

Clueso has dealt with the police in the past.

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Singer Clueso doesn’t have a clean slate anymore. The musician had to deal with the police as a teenager, as he now reveals.

According to his own statement, singer Clueso (42) does not have a “1A police certificate”. The “cello” interpreter now gives that in the “” podcast “And what do you do at the weekend?” to. “I wasn’t the gangster now, but I was driven home very often,” Clueso recalled in an interview with Ilona Hartmann (32) and Christoph Amend (48) of his youth. As a teenager, he was “not caught doing most things,” but once he was “accused” of something “that I didn’t do at all,” said the musician.

“You are the prime suspect in a criminal offence”

Clueso tells of an afternoon when he and other “kids” stole from a drugstore “until the store was half empty”. Some time later he was then surprised by the police. “You are the prime suspect in a criminal offence,” officials said to Clueso. He was accused of having pried open a shop door during a theft. “Do I look like I can pry doors?” The musician reacted to the allegations at the time.

“I was there, but I was wrongly held as the main suspect at the time,” Clueso continues. The police took a picture of him and took his fingerprints. However, the 42-year-old does not reveal how the story ended.

Clueso can be seen in the current season of the hit Vox show “Sing mein Song”. In the first episode, artists such as ELIF (29), Floor Jansen (41) and Kelvin Jones (27) reinterpreted the Erfurt’s songs.


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