Cloé already in a relationship after breaking up with Sébastien? The latest revelations

Cloé Cooper

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Credit: Instagram @vaarruecos

According to new revelations, Cloé Cooper is already dating another person when she has just separated from Sébastien.

It will now be necessary to get used to it, Cloé Cooper and Sébastien Pinelli are officially separated and a flashback between the two ex seems to be unlikely. For his part, the blogger Vaarruecos commented on the reason for the split on Instagram: “Cloé and Sébastien are still currently separated and I think separated for good. In any case unfortunately Cloé couldn’t handle the way she might have looked or taken an interest in another man, even if she really loves Sébastien “. Obviously, this revelation did not go unnoticed and did not take long to make the Web react.

Is Cloé Cooper already in a relationship? – Credit (s): Instagram @vaarruecos

One Internet user in particular therefore asked the blogger if Cloé had cheated on Sébastien during their relationship, to which Vaarruecos replied: “She didn’t cheat on him, but in any case she wasn’t clear! I like Sébastien a lot and I was sorry for him. Yes, she currently has a new date called Valentin. It was seen in the evening by a subscriber 2/3 days ago “. You would have understood it, the former candidate from Anges 12 So quickly recovered from her breakup even if she did not have a priori fault with her ex.

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Sébastien Pinelli shocked by the behavior of Cloé Cooper?

For his part, Sébastien Pinelli gave his opinion as a fan asked him on Instagram if he was shocked by the fact that Cloé had already met someone: “I don’t know, I stopped looking at his networks. Afterwards, if she doesn’t have any feelings at all, it doesn’t shock me either. I respond out of politeness to almost everything but I will not debate the subject ‘ex’ ”. In addition, the young man was not shy to tackle his former girlfriend in secret, describing his ideal wife: “One who does not lie to me already. Who does not hide anything from me and who respects me. Because many pass themselves off as saints, but in reality they are not at all !!!”. Ouch !

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