Climate, Luca Mercalli sides with the activists of the Last Generation: “Soup on works of art? We can find new ideas”

Luca MercalliItalian meteorologist, climatologist and science communicator, spoke to the microphones of pop economydeclaring itself available to organize an initiative with Last generationthe group of activists who last November 4 had thrown a pea soup on the protective glass of the “The sower“, painted from 1888 by Van Gogh. “My feeling would not be that of throwing pea soup on a work of art, I would invent another one. The beauty of young people is that they have so much creativity. So let’s sit down and find new ideas. Let’s find others,” explained the meteorologist.

In recent days, to those who had asked him what he thought of the youth initiative of Last generation, he replied: “How many works of art have been irreparably destroyed by the floods caused by climate change? Did the activists smear them? No, because there was always a glass plate to protect the paintings. Well, young people protesting the climate have sacrosanct reasons. The data is alarming, the declarations of the UN secretary general are clear: Guterres speaks of “collective action or collective suicide. All the people who are protesting are right to do so: they are asking for a greater commitment from their governments, they are asking for the livability of the planet, for them and for future generations”.

In the interview given to pop economy Luca Mercalli has aAdded: “We don’t know how to reach the threshold level that must move everyone into rapid and choral action. This is still not seen. I don’t know if the youngsters will be able to do it, but they are right to move, because they will be the target”. According to Mercalli there have been entire generations of students who have stayed away from environmental battles. In the 70s – explained the meteorologist – even though there was no internet, the demonstrations for the environment managed to involve millions of people. On the recent initiatives, promoted by climate activists, however, he said: “Finally in the last three years there has been an awakening”. The answer of Last generation to the meteorologist it was immediate: “We are waiting for it. In the end, the scientific community has been goading the government for years. And maybe if he did civil disobedience, he’d get more.”

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