Cleaning in the kitchen: 4 bad habits that you must avoid to attract abundance

The kitchen It occupies a primordial space inside the house. For this reason, we find multiple social networks homemade tricks of cleaning to leave it in perfect condition. Beyond the fact that we satiate our hunger there, most of us meet with the family in this place to share moments, right?

For Feng Shui, an ancient practice that seeks to promote the well-being and harmony of the person with their environment, the kitchen means the heart of the house, because, dominated by fire, this environment is the basis of survival.

What you should not do in the kitchen

In dialogue with the specialized portal Astrid Izquierdo, an expert in Feng Shui, explained the mistakes that need to be eliminated to achieve balance and maintain the good energy of the kitchen without distortions.

turn away from the door

First of all, it is important that don’t turn your back to the door when cooking. “If this is your case and there is no other remedy, place a decorative type mirror that acts as a ‘rear-view mirror’ to avoid possible shocks and have control of the spaceAstrid argued.

Use the color black

Although black is a color that represents elegance, on many occasions this hue “It can get depressing”according to the author of The Little Book of Feng Shui. Be sure to use light tones or the whole range of greens.

accumulate things

Now, Astrid Izquierdo recommends remove from the kitchen those objects that you do not use regularly: “In the long run they end up generating an unnecessary block. An object without use is stagnant energy. Do a review and remove everything you no longer use.

This also applies to the worn or damaged utensils. “Avoid prolonging the feeling of having pending issues to be resolved”he added.

Using industrial kitchens

Finally, the woman advises against using an industrial type kitchen, because it is usually heavy and brings a very cold touch to the room. “In a home we need a more friendly and well-balanced energy with respect to the five elements (fire, earth, metal and water) that invites us to cook”, Left mentioned.

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