Cláudio Ramos receives a ‘wave’ of affection and thanks: “I give that air of someone who doesn’t appreciate it but…”

Cláudio Ramos is one of TVI’s main ‘stars’ and is responsible, along with Maria Botelho Moniz, for the station’s morning ‘Two to 10’.

On Saturday, July 23, the presenter was present at the ‘Summer party’ with a suit that she asked to ‘borrow’ her colleague, as revealed here.

After the party, Cláudio Ramos shared a video on social media with other facts that he considered taking on the ‘big night’: “The choice. And you, which one did you use?” – he asked.

The followers’ choice was unanimous: the blue suit, which the presenter chose. In the stories, Cláudio Ramos was ‘grateful’: “And that’s how the two suits are profitable and the networks are updated. Thank you all for so many beautiful messages”.

“A person gives an air that they don’t value, but then they are all happy to know that they liked the choice. Today I look like this transparent 🍀❤️” – he confessed.

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