Claudia Rodrigues’ daughter says she supports her mother’s relationship with Adriane Bonato

After accepting the dating request from Claudia Rodrigues, Adriane Bonato spoke to Whoof his relationship with the actress and said that the artist’s daughter supports their relationship.

The businesswoman admitted to having returned to live with Claudia this week, in Rio de Janeiro. Before, the new couple had a professional relationship, in addition to friendship. Claudia’s daughter with Brent Christopher HiettIza says she supports their relationship:

“I have a wonderful relationship with Iza. We always get along very well,” he said. The young woman was born two years before the artist was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Adriane also commented on realizing that she was in love with her partner for five years:

“There are people out there saying that we’ve been a couple for a long time and we’re out now. There’s nothing like that. Our relationship has always been professional. In the first two years I worked with Claudia, she was even married. I would be able to keep the marriage. I was married for 17 years. About five years ago, I fell in love with Claudia.”

She continued: “I lived this love without saying anything to her. I didn’t want her to mix things up and that, in some way, it would affect her treatments”, says Adriane, citing that Claudia has been treating multiple sclerosis for 22 years and “fortunately she has satisfactory progress in recent years”. The businesswoman revealed that Claudia showed a love interest in 2020.

“Since her head trauma, Claudia has started with this. I tried everything to get her to put it out of her head. In March, I decided it would be better to stop managing her. My father always said that old saying: ‘Where you earn your bread , you don’t eat meat’. That was one of the reasons why I was no longer her manager. It came out that we fought, that I stole from her and there was none of that. Marcelo Calloni and he took over her management”, he concluded.

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