Claudia Raia’s husband talks about fatherhood at age 53: “More sensitive and responsible”

actress husband Claudia Raiaactor and dancer Jarbas Man of Melloaged 53, said he is looking forward to the arrival of Lucahis first child, and revealed that fatherhood made him a “more sensitive” and more responsible person.

“It feels like I’m a real adult now (laughs). Fatherhood is a turning point in a man’s life, and in a woman’s life too, when you want to be, right? There are people who don’t want to be [pai e mãe] and it’s all right. But, for those who want it, it is a very big watershed. I’m much more sensitive. I am wanting to improve the world so that my son has a better world. I’m more connected to everything, looking a lot to the side, aware of injustices. It’s another responsibility…”, he told Quem.

To the publication, Jarbas revealed that he had a conversation about his “fears and insecurities” with Claudia Raia around late fatherhood.

“One day, I said to Claudia: ‘you have to be patient with me because I was never a father, right? I’m going to learn to be a father…’ And then we were very sensitive that day and she said: ‘don’t worry, because I’m going to learn to be a mother again too. We are a different mother for each child. I will never teach us to be a father and mother, we are together, right?’”, She recalled.

After announcing her pregnancy, at the age of 55, in a natural way, Claudia Raia received criticism on social networks. When talking about the attitude of people on the internet, Jarbas commented:

“We know that many comments are to draw attention, they are for you to pay attention to the person who criticized, or an insecurity of the person who projects their frustrations there on us. Claudia and I talked about it a lot and she was really upset about some of the things that were written. I talk to her a lot: ‘remove the comments. Don’t read it now, it’s not the time for you to be seeing these things and bothering yourself’. I want to get it out of her head. Now she is much better, but, halfway through the pregnancy, she suffered a lot from some things, ”she confessed.

The artist also spoke about Claudia’s pregnancy at the age of 55:

“It is startling. But this discomfort does not justify people’s evil. I think we came to that conclusion regarding all this gratuitous evil. Claudia, once again, continues to be an example of a woman ahead of her time. It is something that could very well happen from now on, because the population, in general, is living longer and many people abandon the plan to have a child later on, many women freeze their eggs ”, she argued.

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