Claudia Raia delivers curiosity about newborn son and photo impresses: ‘Perfect’

Claudia Raia shared with his followers one more son’s cute moment newborn, Luca. In the click, the baby, already visited by Angélica, Luciano Huck and the couple’s youngest daughter, Eva, appears sleeping in the actress’ lap, right after breastfeeding. “My favorite pillow”revealed Claudia, showing that the baby, after breastfeeding, likes to sleep with his head and little hand resting on your breast.

The moment full of intimacy between mother and son was also published on an Instagram page and the artist’s fans melted with the click. “What a perfect click! A beautiful moment full of love”, commented an internet user. “What a nice snuggle,” said another. “There is no better place”, opined another. “Mother’s lap after mamá is all good”, wrote an internet user.

Claudia Raia’s son’s appearance impressed the web

Shortly after Luca’s birth, internet users were impressed with the baby’s appearance, whose physical traits were identical to those of his father, Jarbas Homem de Mello. “This boy should be called Jarbazinho, he is so similar to his father”, commented a fan. “I found his copy,” agreed another. “He’s the whole daddy,” said another.

Another detail that also stole the show in Luca’s appearance was the shape of his lips. “This baby was born with filling in the mouth!”, observed an internet user. “A son of a rich man is born perfect, he must have a drain as soon as he comes out of the belly”, joked another follower. “My God, look at that perfect child’s mouth”, praised another fan of the actress, who recently appeared in a nightgown to facilitate breastfeeding the baby, but taught her a trick to look beautiful in the photos.

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