Claudia Ohana says she tries to deal with aging better: "It’s needed"

At 59 years old, Claudia Ohana he pondered about aging and said he tried to deal with the passage of time in the best way, and talked about the routine with his grandchildren, with whom he took the opportunity to spend more time during the pandemic.

Claudia said that she decided to enjoy the time with her daughter, Dandara, and her grandchildren, Martim, 16, and Arto, 9, during the pandemic: “It was nice to be able to be close to them in such a complicated time. a super nice grandma. The oldest is already a teenager and doesn’t want to know about grandma anymore.”

“But the youngest comes to sleep here at home from time to time. Then I buy all the things he likes to eat, I take him to school… It’s cheap”, he melts. The actress also reported on the praise she receives from followers in the comments of the publication, in relation to her body and beauty. The artist admits that she tries to deal with aging in the best way:

“People still have a hard time accepting a more mature woman. We ourselves have a hard time dealing with aging. But it’s necessary. The other option is much worse. I’ve taken good care of myself for a long time. In the past, I barely combed my hair. and I left thinking I was beautiful. Today, it’s not like that anymore. It also depends on the day: sometimes you can be overproduced and not think you’re beautiful or the opposite. In addition, I cultivate good habits. I sleep a lot, I avoid getting tired , I drink green juice”, reveals.

Ohana will be back on the air in the rerun of A Favorita, which will be re-aired on TV Globo next Monday (16/05). She recalls her relationship with her co-stars: “In the soap opera, I was Tarcísio Meira’s daughter. João always told me that he had given me a wonderful father. And it was true. We had an incredible relationship behind the scenes. Lilia Cabral and Gisele Fróes were also family. We had a really nice partnership.”

“Furthermore, it was in this soap opera and in our core that Alexandre Nero was revealed on TV. Everyone was delighted with him right away”, he added.

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