Clash with Louis Boyard on the C8 set: does Cyril Hanouna support the far right?

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Does Cyril Hanouna support the far right through his program Touche pas à mon poste? The subject divides even the most attentive observers of the French political landscape. Example with Claire Sécail and Philippe Moreau-Chevrolet.

In the program “Touche pas à mon poste”, the mechanics of the clash favor the far right according to Claire Sécail, who has just published the second part of her investigation “The 2022 presidential election seen by Cyril Hanouna”. However, as controversial as it is, the host would not defend his own ideas in this program according to Philippe Moreau-Chevrolet, specialist in political communication.

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“When Hanouna said to Louis Boyard, but you were my columnist, I paid you, and basically you bite me now”, he is right, believes Philippe Moreau-Chevrolet who sees in this program “a trap” for all policies. “Hanouna has an audience. He is only there for the audience. I think it is stronger for him than political convictions. But afterwards, it’s a real debate. We didn’t agree on this with Claire Sécail, in particular on that”, concedes this communicator.

“We have to try to understand why Hanouna works”

He observes that Hanouna is permanently connected to social networks, whereas what happens on social networks is not relayed by any other concrete information channel, politically in any case. “Di Visio for example, which I personally find hateful, he has a huge following among antivaxers and he is only invited to Hanouna. the only place you can get them is on his show.”

Philippe Moreau-Chevrolet. specialist in political communication, founder of MCBGConseil and teacher at Sciences-Po.

The right reaction after this unacceptable clash, according to him, “would be to try to understand why Hanouna works? Why does it work? And try to produce a public service television opposite that talks about the issues it talks about”. Philippe Moreau-Chevrolet believes that “it is possible to make popular television on public service, addressing all subjects. There is no reason for it to be the only one to invite yellow vests or antivax ” , he says, recalling that we “know how to answer them to antivax. And it’s not taboo”.

“I’m provax but it’s not taboo. Problem, Hanouna does politics in the sense that we don’t do it anymore, that is to say with confrontation and a certain form of brutality or frankness – as you want – that you can’t find elsewhere. And that fills a gap. We already have to think about that”, he concludes.

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