Clash in Forza Italia: sparks and screams in the Senate between Ronzulli and Gelmini “Go cry somewhere else and get the Xanax”

The political earthquake, in full government crisis, also creeps into the parties. Thus, the clash also becomes internal between the different souls of Come on Italy. The protagonists of the sparks at Palazzo Madama are the senator Licia Ronzulli And Mariastella Gelmini, among which notoriously there is bad blood. The first, coming out of the Senate after the President’s reply Dragons, he shouted to the minister for regional affairs and autonomies: “Go cry somewhere else and get the Xanax”. And Gelmini wasted no time in replying: “Are you happy now that you sent the government home?”. Parliamentary reconstructions that are immediately confirmed by the same Italian senator, protagonist of the clash.

In fact, Ronzulli herself tells what happened: “At the end of the debate in the classroom, the minister got up from government benches and approached the benches of the senators of Forza Italia where Gallone, Toffanin with do intimidating and pointing the index finger verbally attacking them, shouting and accusing them of wanting the government to fall, ‘to follow the line of Ronzulli’ ”, underlines the senator. “In reality – she adds – the news of these days testifies to my constant commitment to find a solution of continuity, and dozens of people have witnessed this”. “I therefore advised, responding to the provocations of the minister in the throes of an evident nervousness, to soon hire a Xanax, and that the line is given to us only and exclusively by Berlusconi”, concludes the senator. Berlusconi’s party continues to be divided between the most governors (starting with the ministers led by Maria Stella Gelmini) and the sovereignists, closest to the number one in the League. After Draghi’s words and his very harsh reply, the situation has become even more complicated, highlighting the internal fractures even among the forces, in an atmosphere of extreme confusion and disorder.

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