Clarissa Molina: who is the mother of the presenter of “El gordo y la flaca”

The fat and the skinny” is a renowned television show that accompanies the Mexican audience since September 21, 1998, when they broadcast their first program. Its charismatic hosts are Raúl de Molina, alias El Gordo and Lili Estefan, alias La Flaca, along with Clarissa Molina, the queen of Our Latin Beauty 2016 that accompanies them for 5 years.

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The young Dominican captivated the public during her participation in the beauty pageant, becoming the winner and, consequently, co-host of the program Univision. In this way, he joined the duo of Raul and Lili, leading the sequence of social networks.

Today Molina enjoys the work she did for years, allowing herself to enjoy a well-deserved vacation with her partner and her mother. The destination was the Bahamas, where he is currently enjoying the Islas Exumas. This is how he presented his mother with some photos on Instagram, where he accumulates more than 3 million followers.

Clarissa Molina on the red carpet of the Latin Grammy 2016 (Photo: Getty Images)


Thanks to the album of photos and videos that the driver published on her social networks, the identity of her mother, who is called Clara. “A very special trip! Mommy and the love of my life wrote in the description of the carousel that accumulates more than 60 thousand ‘Like’.

In the images, the Dominican is seen posing happily with her mother, while they swim in the pool and ride a yacht.

Clarissa with her mother Clara in the Bahamas (Photo: Clarissa Molina / Instagram)
Clarissa with her mother Clara in the Bahamas (Photo: Clarissa Molina / Instagram)


Both mother and daughter look radiant, which has not gone unnoticed by Internet users, who do not hesitate to praise their beauty, especially that of their mother.

If she presented herself to Nuestra Belleza Latina she would beat even you”, “Your mother is beautiful”, “What a beautiful lady!”, “She looks like Susana Dosamantes”, were some of the comments sent by the public.


Last November, Clarissa sympathized with her mother when she learned of the death of Juan Carlos Tavarez, who would have been his partner for more than 15 years.

I’m so sorry mommy, God rest his soul. I am sure that he will be with you always taking care of you from heaven like the more than 15 years they were together. Rest in peace Juan Carlos Tevarez”, expressed the model in a statement.


More than a year ago, Molina announced that he had tested positive for a home test to detect coronavirus.

“I took the test last week. Today the test arrives and says that it is detectable, that it is positive, that I have the coronavirus. I don’t know how long I’ve been infected because I haven’t had any symptoms. I have exercised. Everything has been super strange”, indicated the former queen of Nuestra Belleza Latina from her apartment in Miami.

However, in order to reveal or confirm if she has the virus, the former Miss Universe participant told Raúl de Molina and Lili Estefan, hosts of “El gordo y la flaca”, that a new exam would be done.

He also used his social networks to talk about his situation. “I feel good thank God. So far I have no symptoms. I will repeat the test in a laboratory and do it with a professional, we will be in contact. Take good care please. I love you so much”.

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