Clarebout fries factory in Frameries: the minister’s long-awaited decision has finally fallen, “it’s the end of a saga!”

“It’s the end of a saga! proclaims the MR of Mons-Borinage headed by the mayor of Jurbise Jacqueline Galant.

In Frameries, everyone was waiting for the decision of Minister MR Willy Borsus. “The change in the sector plan cannot be accepted, but the conditions laid down by the Minister for the establishment of a business will not allow the installation of a large chip factory on the Donaire site. By validating the Local Orientation Plan, the 24 hectares of “Donaire” will therefore only accommodate companies in strict harmony with the surrounding functions” explains the party.

“The site chosen by Clarebout to set up its factory in Frameries was simply not appropriate given the nuisance it could cause for local residents, located only a few meters away. It was unthinkable! The MR of Mons-Borinage has always claimed it and Minister Borsus has taken his responsibilities in this file! “, underlines the deputy-mayor Jacqueline Galant.

Willy Borsus came there a few months ago. “Today, he has succeeded in the challenge of listening to local residents, to listening to us, while maintaining a potential activity, on a smaller scale, respectful of its environment, on the Donaire site. He has found the right balance, ”adds Jacqueline Galant, delighted.

The MR of Mons-Borinage encourages the economic redeployment structures of the region to seek another site, much more suitable, to accommodate this project of the Clarebout company. “We must actively support job-providing initiatives, our region really needs it! IDEA must continue its research to host a project of this scale in the Heart of Hainaut, we have resources to exploit”.

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