Claire Mills, the nurse who became a mother after adopting a baby who helped give birth

The incredible history Claire Mills thrilled social networks and quickly it was done viral In Internet. In U.S, the young nurse assisted with an emergency cesarean section and immediately connected with the baby. However, she never imagined that she was going to be a mother for the first time.

In his second week working at the Houston (Texas) Methodist Medical Center, Claire Mills met someone who would change his life. On a routine day (2019), the Nurse helped a woman deliver during an emergency cesarean section.

When he looked at the little boy, Claire, who was 25 at the time, “It felt like it felt so familiar to me. I feel like I know him “. After surgery, Mills discovered that biological mother of the baby could not raise it. “My first thought was, ‘what is the logistics and how do I do this the right way?’ ”, acknowledged.

Adoption procedure

Over the next several weeks, while Jackson was in the Intensive Care Unit, Claire visited him as often as she could. In addition, the nurse kept in contact with her biological mother and the Child Protective Services worker.

However, one day the doctors discharged the baby and Mill was devastated. “I was so hurt that I cried, but I called the social worker and asked if there was anything I could do to help the mother.”Claire reminded the portal .

Happy ending

Time passed and Claire received a phone call. She was the biological mother of the baby. Due to the role of the social worker, the woman discovered Mills’ special connection to the newborn, so the couple discussed adoption options.

“He said he had heard of our connection [entre Mills y el bebé]. ‘I heard you cried when he was discharged’ “, Claire stated.

Although the adoption is not final yet, Mills named the baby Jackson and moved in with her. In Twitter, the adoptive mother stated that her son loves to smile and laugh.

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