Claire Chazal: the journalist once again supports PPDA and mentions their son François, whom she rarely talks about

If PPDA has to face justice and controversy, it can count on a strong ally in the person of Claire Chazal. Indeed, his former colleague at TF1 and ” companion “, has never let go of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor. Even when he is accused of horrific facts such as sexual assault against several women. The journalist had already given her support to the former presenter of the JT of the first channel. But she has just done it again, during an interview with Belgian journalist David Barbet for Telepro and the RTBF.

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Last December, on France Inter, she already did not want to believe that her former companion could have had such behavior with several women. “The man they describe is not the one I have known, whom I have known well, both personally and professionally”, she defended before bringing “Evidence” from what she said: “The one I knew no doubt liked to seduce, to convince, liked to have a strong relationship with women, permanent, that’s what interested him. But he liked to convince them and not to force them ”. Words that do not have “Convinced” for as much the victims and the people already judging guilty, even if the justice has not yet delivered its verdict, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor.

Even if several weeks have passed since this intervention on the radio, Claire Chazal is sticking to her positions, as our colleagues from Closer. The journalist accusing the media and others of “To judge a person” without even the intervention of justice. “I am unfortunately surprised by the times in which we live. This consists of throwing names away, to condemn them definitively without even the intervention of justice ”, she lamented. And if the journalist defends PPDA so much, it is because she still maintains a good relationship with him. And this especially thanks to their son they had in 1995: “We talk to Patrick of course, we have a son together”, she assured to conclude.

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