CL will come to Jingle Ball to present his talent in the United States

CL is ready to show all her great talents around the world and joins the Jingle Ball lineup, it will perform in Los Angeles, California in the United States.

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Lee Chae Rin is a legendary singer of K-Pop who today performs as a soloist, but previously was part of 2NE1, un girl group de YG Entertainment that left his mark within the musical genre; The United States was the country that saw CL born as a solo artist in 2015.

Little by little, the glow of CL was further polished and by 2019, after ending her relationship with WHICH, released her EP ‘In the Name of Love’ with songs that she had written and composed herself, showing us all her great talent and continuing her dedication within the song.

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The talents of Chaerin They are undeniable and his fans continue to enjoy all his songs that he has performed with the heart for each one of them, his work is still valid and he does not stop working, giving his best year after year even alone.

In this 2021, USA will feature all of CL’s talents in her Jingle Ball concert series, when and where will we see the idol in concert?

CL Joins Jingle Ball and Performs in Los Angeles

Jingle Ball is a series of concerts that take place in December, iHeart Radio and local radio stations that bring the best artists of the moment to different cities in the United States; for presentation in The Angels, California, CL has joined the cartel.

The singer will perform at this event alongside other artists such as Anitta, Trevor Daniel and Tai Verdes, it will take place next Friday December 3 and CL will have their performance at 3 PM.

Jingle Ball poster in Los Angeles where CL will perform | Twitter: @ CLBrasil1

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Tickets for this event are already on sale on the iHeart Radio page, it will be possible to see all of CL’s musical abilities once again in the US.

What other K-Pop artists will be at Jingle Ball?

BTS and MONSTA X will also be in Jingle Ball 2021In different cities and on different dates, both K-Pop groups will be flooding their American fans with talent in this long-awaited great event in the United States.

BTS and MONSTA X will also be in Jingle Ball | Twitter: @BTS__CL

The United States will be filled with K-Pop with Jingle Ball with great artists like CL, BTS and MONSTA X, we look forward to these events to see everything that our idol favs have in store for the world.

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